Lunches & Dinners

While I do think starting your morning out with a good breakfast is important, I think lunches and dinners are also probably equally as important. 


Sweet Potato Cheese Steak

Everything about this sandwich is awesome - from the jalapeno sweet potato cheese, to the savory seitan strips, to the roasted red peppers. You gotta check out this recipe and make it for yourself!


Loaded Veggie Everything Bagel

Trader Joe's everything bagels are one of my favorite foods - every single time I get them, they are delicious! Do you know what makes them even more delicious? Kite Hill chive cream cheese, avocado, arugula, carrots, and SO MUCH MORE! Check it out!


Buggalo Tempeh Buddha Bowl

This dish has so many things I love all lumped into one big bowl...rice, tempeh, buffalo sauce, jalapeno sweet potato cheese, green beans, and spinach. So. Good.