Hi, I'm Alexandra Baldwin - Vegan Wife Happy Life! I am the wife of my amazing husband, Jay, and the dog mom of Buttons! I work full time for an organization supporting children through and beyond their parent's cancer, and I also have a love and passion for vegan living, and helping others do the same. 

I grew up in a small, small town in Pennsylvania (a state known for its high obesity rates) and left after high school to attend Michigan State (Go Green!), and currently reside in Columbus, Ohio. 


I always had an issue with my weight ever since I could remember, it was like no one around me really knew how to live a healthy lifestyle. The answer to weight problems was always, "do sit ups". After being at my heaviest my junior and senior year of college, I decided to make a big change - I went vegan. There were definitely other major factors - the main one being that my best friend had to go vegan based on her doctor's orders and I wanted to support her through her cancer journey.  Now going from eating meat, cheese, or eggs at almost every meal to not at all was a drastic change. I spent my summers being really active with my job, discovering new plant-based foods, and for the first time in 22 years, felt healthy. In about a year's time I lost about 90 pounds! 90 pounds! 

With all that to say...I am not here with the goal to help you lose (or gain) weight. I am here to help make vegan living easy, fun, healthy, and delicious! Vegan food is far from boring...it is time to start loving your food!